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Remembering Dad: Please Pass the Potatoes

I’m not sure how young I was when I realized my Dad’s love for potatoes. It wasn’t just a mediocre love, no, more like a to-die-for passion for this tuber. You couldn’t eat enough of them. Potatoes were a necessity for life. And life with the potato we had. Our...

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  • Don't you just love summer eating? That's half of a T-bone steak (it was huge!) first marinated for 24 hours. Compliments the @sugarlovespices zucchini and onion (thx again!) with local mushroom stir-fried in @evoolution104 Tuscan Herb evoo, plus cooked market beets and an easy salad combo of market cucumbers, tad more onions, seasoning and a wee bit of yogurt. So delicious! 
#wholefoods #wholesome #jerf #supportlocal #tastealberta #yegfood #summer2018 #summer #glutenfree #nutfree #celebrate #summereating
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  • So good.  KALE SAUSAGE LEEK POTATO soup. From scratch, using almost all local ingredients, My version of a classic zuppa. Definitely European with a nod to Italian and German influences (and since I'm Ukrainian, that too!)
Food Story
I had two cooked @sunworks_farm "Ginger Sunrise" and cooked bacon as leftovers that I wanted to use along with @greenandgoldgarden kale, leeks, and potatoes I bought last night. Fresh! A few of my garden chives plus @sunrise_organic_gardens garlic scapes added to the savoury taste in the chicken broth. A bit of cream added and boom, we have a soup with outstanding taste!
Ah, summer eating while the ingredients are fresh. What are you eating this summer?
#wholefoods #wholesome #jerf #supportlocal #tastealberta #yegfood #summer2018 #summerfood #summer #soup #garden #food #glutenfree #nutfree #nutritious #canadian
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  • Family dinner yesterday on #fooddaycanada prepared with help from @emfriedri @mcq_ch @persepolian Now that's a food story for the books. A lot of ingredients locally sourced as well from markets to gardens and more. This is summer, seasonal eating! I forgot to take a picture of @frickindelights donuts for dessert!
Bittersweet time yesterday since this is the last main homecooked meal for all of us in our Terwillegar home here in #Edmonton before Martin and I move to #vernonbc in just days now. ❤
Please know, I will not forget you my #Alberta food partners and will continue to support when living in #BC. I would love for you to consider doing the same since I will continue to have an online presence and plans are in the works for more #YCFSbook projects including a relaunch of my program and a book 2! More to come.
Back to this picture, I'm so grateful for family, food, farmers/suppliers. All nourishes my body, mind, and soul.
What's #urfoodstory? 🌱
#wholefoods #jerf #supportlocal #dinner #family #celebration #wholesome #nourishing #FriedrichMove2018 #summer2018 #seasonaleating #summer #food #yegfood #tastealberta #eatlocal #tastebc

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