I’m moved beyond words. Thanks to all of you, we are rising in (multiple) bestsellers lists!

While working on this book, I knew it was truly unique among its peers. To see it rise to the #1 Bestseller ranking on Amazon.ca within days of publishing is truly humbling. And, to see it stay at #1 in Canadian Cooking category on Amazon.ca for SIX days (and counting) is simply amazing! Just a day ago, it claimed its current spot in first as the hottest new release on Amazon.ca in the Canadian Cooking category.

Folks, no wonder: our desire to share our love of food through story is contagious! We know that Canadians (and beyond) have a genuine thirst to honour our unique selves, family, and country; to individually and collectively voice what is stamped in our memories; and to recognize the very important people who are part of our food legacy.

Whether or not the #1 spot remains ours, we all know what matters is sharing with each other what we value in our food stories. That will always be my number one priority and reason to celebrate, and why I created the Your Food Story project and program.

There is a lot more room at the table in this food movement. We welcome your friends and family — anyone who eats food!

We have a lot of food memories and experiences waiting to recall. What about you? We’d love to hear from you!

What’s #urfoodstory?


(For fun… here are some screen grabs!)



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