Your Canadian Food Story and I went on our first grand media adventure together! Read on for an insider scoop about what it’s like to prep to be interviewed, the behind-the-scenes of the studio, and a special guest appearance by a lamb and goat in diapers. Click here to be taken to the video at Global News Morning Edmonton.


Getting the Word Out

Writing a concise press release was less daunting than it seems on paper. Suffice to say that it’s already been boiled down to an art *and* a science way before I took a crack at it! I sent the release to a few choice outlets – a couple with whom I had pre-existing relationships – and waited for my “flying monkeys” to get back to me. I wouldn’t be wearing any funny hats this time, but I was certain that YCFS would carry the show all on its own.

As expected, the news media machine works quickly! Just a few hours after we sent out the press release on April 17, we heard back from GlobalTV inviting me as a guest… the very next day. Eep! To be honest, I was very glad that we actually ended up needing to wait a few days for the interview.



I was given the lowdown by a media rep. You have three minutes and a few (important) seconds to relay the why and how of your Thing. I was given a template (really meant for an event or similar, but I made do) to fill out. My task was to fit a book — and somehow an entire food movement — into the neat little boxes on that white paper. I wouldn’t know who I would be chatting with day-of, either, but I had a good idea from some quick online snooping.

I was given the opportunity to write my own questions. Excellent! However, with the promise that the host may — or may NOT — use them, it’s important to be versed in just about everything surrounding your Thing. To that end, I not only practiced my answers, but I researched my answers some more, rattled off various renditions to myself and others, and perfected the art of keeping my hair on while doing all of that at once. My family can probably rattle off “the spiel” by heart at this point!


It’s Go Time!

Fast forward to (very) early morning, Friday, April 20. Thankfully, I am familiar with the location and general layout of the studio from other appearances. I highly recommend scoping it out beforehand if you aren’t, though: that’s when I’m at my most relaxed.


The building on the outside is pretty unassuming (maybe even a little foreboding, in the low light…). The inside looks like the lobby of a nice hotel. No mugs on the tables like you get in some talk shows, but I brought a couple of books along with me. As you can see, I did my own makeup, too! Spiffy! 😉 (This is a face of enthusiasm, excitement, and just a bit of “ahhh, I’m about to talk to 1000s of people on live TV”… can you see it?).


As for the interview itself: when it came down to it, the host did not use any of the questions, but overall I’d like to think I was calm and collected. That practice came in handy! It helped that on the way in, I met a couple of very special guests from the previous segment. Nothing like petting a couple of cute animals to get you all smiles.


It helped that the studio staff was friendly, and all smiles too, although I’m sure that was more than just the goats! Although we didn’t interact much (and there was a lot less direction from the staff than you might assume), everyone seemed brighter and more chipper than one might expect that early in the morning.



I’ve reviewed the video a few times — okay, more than a few times! — to pick up on improvements for a hopeful next time. I was happy that I could get out all of my talking points in such a short amount of time (although of course, I could keep talking about the project for days!). Everyone I chatted with seemed genuinely interested in the project. Looking forward to the next steps!

It’s funny how before Your Food Story, I struggled with the right words for how to explain my passion for nutrition. Now, it’s never been easier to share. I have truly found my why! And you know that I’ll be happy to share no matter the venue, vehicle, or method… maybe next time it’ll involve goats. 😉

Going on a media adventure of your own soon and need help with pointers or local resources? Catch me on social media (below) or fire me an email. I’m happy to help how I can!



If you want to see the interview, click here to be taken to Global News Morning Edmonton.

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