Cyndy Hancock
Edmonton, Alberta

1. List some highlights of or reasons to visit the area where you currently live. Why would we want to go there? When is the best time to travel there, and why?

We have a beautiful and clean city: there are parks everywhere, and the North Saskatchewan River runs through the city. Edmonton is known for the festivals, events, and community gatherings that happen all year long offering year-round adventures. Anytime is great to visit! Plus, the Rocky Mountains are only a 3-hour drive. Come and see for yourself!

2. What is one of your first memories in a kitchen? Who was with you? Do you remember how old you were when you started helping or cooking in the kitchen, if allowed? How did it make an impact on you if you were or were not allowed to help or cook?

My first memory in the kitchen was licking the beaters or bowls after my mom had made a batter. I would say I was around the age of 5 years old when I start helping in the kitchen. To this day I still lick the beaters/bowls. I believe that being in the kitchen helped me want to cook in my later years. I do love and respect the art of cooking and the talent that goes into making food look and taste great.

3. What is your favorite food or meal to eat – even if someone else prepares it – in this season? What about each or any season? Do your food preferences change during holiday times? Explain how or why as the case may be.

My favorite food is perogys. They can be a meal in itself, a snack, dessert, or combined with other foods. Perogys are very versatile … they can even be vegan. The filling can be anything from potatoes, cabbage, cheese, fruit, combined, or anything you imagine. Fry, boil, deep fry or bake ~ these are some ways to cook perogys. I prefer the traditional potato ones as these bring back childhood memories and traditions especially during Easter and Christmas. In the summer, I love the fresh fruit perogys.

4. Who would you like to eat with from the past or present? It can be a regular occurrence or just a one-time event if you’d rather. Why are these people important to you?

I would like to make a meal and eat with my great grandmother, grandmother, and mother a couple of times. I could learn more about the traditional recipes they used. When young, one does not always understand that one day one would like to learn more of the traditional foods from our ancestors. Today I am learning about my families though it would have been great to carry on the traditional foods with my children and grandchildren [if I had known about them sooner.]

5. What drew you to our food story group? Why is it important for you to be a member?

I was in a group session of ‘Your Food Story’ via Loretta. In the session I learned about ‘My Food Story’. As the group progressed through the sessions, I became more aware of what I liked and why. It became personal for me. Since being a member, I am more aware of where to get fresh foods, what are markets in the area, making more healthy meals, and meeting others with the same interests. The best part is that I am tasting food again as it should be and not processed.

6. Please share a quick story about a food or recipe that you or someone else makes. (Name the food or recipe however, I’m not looking for the actual recipe itself.) What makes it so special?

I love Poppyseed Chiffon Cake … my mom started making this cake when I was younger. The cake was so light and fluffy with a light frosting. It was made with 12 eggs! Most recipes do not call for that many eggs. I think the eggs made it fluffy as you would fold the eggs into the batter … and yes I got the beaters to lick! Yummy. I did get the recipe from my mom and started making it myself. The cake is still is a big hit.

7. Do you have passions or projects or professions you’d like to share? Please include any related links so that we can support you. Social media channels/handles are very okay to list as well!

My current project is creating family trees. At the funeral of our last uncle — one of 9 siblings who died in early December 2018 — a couple of us cousins decided we would make a ‘Family Book’ (on my dad’s side of my family). We are compiling a family tree for each cousin. Also, from each cousin we are getting their story of their life and also photos. We took on this project and wanted to complete it early in 2019. I think it will take us a bit longer as we do not have many stories at this time. I am enjoying learning about my cousins and their families. We don’t get together like we use to so this is another way to connect with each other and have it in print for others to read if they wish to do so.