Wouldn’t it be something to read an article that mentions home and work as two of the “top 10 places to eat?” It may seem easier to be nourished in beautiful scenery while eating food, but a top 10 restaurant or beach scene is not necessarily a more special place to eat than your own kitchen.

Beaches are special but so is your kitchen.

Wherever you eat, whether at the office, home, or vacation destination, can be a place to receive nourishment, not only from food but from the place where you’re eating.

How can we make anywhere we eat special? (For these examples, I’m not including a restaurant.) Consider:

  • Lighting – light a candle, dim the lights, turn on all the lights, sit in the sun or shade
  • Temperature – adjust the thermostat, light a fire, turn on a fan, sit in the sun or shade
  • Sound – add music, eliminate noise by wearing earphones, tune into nature, enjoy silence
  • Eating tools – use unique serving bowls, eat off china, colour coordinate utensils
  • Scent – open a window, breathe in nature’s aromas, light a neutralizing odors candle

Let’s be honest, some places where we eat are more enjoyable than others However, we do have control over how we enhance the food experience no matter where we eat. Eliminate the noise, use that special fork, inhale fresh air, put on sunglasses outside. These are just some of the ways you can make food more nourishing by paying attention to the place where you’re eating.

Nourish your food story by finding or creating a special place every time you eat.