My garden is fairly young in its place — we created container garden spaces along with a new greenhouse only a few weeks ago. It was tested with incredible heat last week, the hottest weather I have ever felt where I have lived. Sure, I’ve been in various countries where daytime highs have been unbearable but I’ve not experienced anything like this in my own backyard. It was off the charts record breaking heat.

Since our garden is so new, I knew it would be an experimental year. What would grow best where? Never would I imagine that part of the experiment would include a “heat storm!” It pushed plants (and me!) to their limits. It was definitely a learning experience, one in particular I don’t wish as a do-over; however, I have made lots of notes about what or what not to plant next year anticipating that heat like this will become more usual as years go on.

I think about the resilience of these plants and how they still produced despite it all. In gratitude, I decided to create a board to feature what I harvested along with farmers’ market and local business goodies.

On this board:

My garden: peas, purple carrots, kale, swiss chard, zucchini, nasturtium, pansy and lavender flowers and parsley. Farmers’ market: orange carrots, colourful tomatoes, radishes, white salad turnip, cucumbers, and beef cold cuts. Local businesses: sauce, relish (mixed together), roasted almonds, seedy crackers, artisanal crackers and assorted cheese.

The board itself is locally made, crafted from wine barrels. Take a look at the gorgeous handle too. Such an art piece.

Honour your food

Hope you enjoy this board and that it inspires your to create your own. It need not be like mine. The food doesn’t have to be on a board either! A cookie sheet or serving tray works perfectly to present your edibles on. However you present your food that entices people to eat is wonderful and uniquely your way of expressing your food story.