Loretta Friedrich, founder of Sprout Natural Nutritional Consulting, is a food lover, educator, speaker, writer, author, recipe developer, and award-winning business owner. She is certified in holistic nutrition and has appeared in numerous magazines and on local television.

Loretta enjoys seeing canola fields in bloom, gardening, getting vegetable stains on her hands, and the smell of humus-rich soil! You’ll often find her chatting with farmers and producers at local markets.

Loretta is especially looked forward to connecting with readers and food storytellers from across Canada. Want to connect? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your stories, testimonials, feedback, and questions!

Visit SproutNaturalNutrition.com for more about Loretta and Sprout’s vision for health.

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  • Another beautiful and locally sourced meal. Delicious and nutritious.
Food Story
Since I don't have a vegetable garden this year (because we're moving), you'll still find me happily getting my produce at local farmers markets and gardens. Yes, we seem to eat a lot of sausages -- especially lately -- but in this busyness of moving prep, my "day job" and lots of other commitments, this meat in particular that was previously cooked, frozen, and heated up again, made meal prep a breeze. And since we know the farmers who raise the chickens that are in the sausages they make, I have no problem eating them over and over. Thx @sunworks_farm
Fresh beets -- from Riverbend Gardens -- simply boiled until tender provide earthy goodness and visual appeal. Who can resist shelling their own fresh peas too from @riverbendgarden?
The salad is based on @yumandyummer kale salad but I modified the dressing just a tad to use @gravelbourg_mustard saskatoon berry mustard, @evoolution104 cranberry pear white balsamic, their evoo and lemon evoo. I actually forgot to add fresh chives and parsley from the garden to the salad! The dried cranberries are Canadian, the kale, red cabbage and carrots are from various farmers markets. And those are the last of the edible flowers that I mixed in too. All in all, we're celebrating another delicious meal grown, produced, or supplied locally.
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  • I get weepy when I eat meals like this. Why?
Because I know every farmer, producer, and grocer who had a hand in getting it to my table. Folks, what you see here is a 100% locally sourced meal (including from my garden). I thank all who work so hard to give their care, compassion, and heart that ultimately nourish body, mind, and spirit. I feel it and receive it. I also thank God for this abundance.
Let's support local to nourish us all.
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  • ALWAYS a favorite, my recipe for Herb Berry Lemonade. Cheers on a hot day! 😎
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