Eating shouldn’t be hard. If you understand that every time you eat, knowledge about food is stored in your memory, why not use food memories to help you to know what to eat?

We aim to explore our food experiences and history by asking: where, what, when, why, and with whom have you eaten? What senses help stimulate those memories and stories? We aim to help people permit, commit to, and trust the process to harvest the bounty of knowledge from their food stories. Be prepared for lots of answers and direction from what you uncover and learn about yourself!

This food story project (and book) has already turned into a food movement, much bigger than what we had initially dreamed or imagined. Our own unique, vast knowledge and experiences about food is outstanding. Discovering, developing, and expressing our food story releases that which we know for our own understanding. Collectively, while sharing and learning from each other? That’s a movement. Food eating empowerment! Will you join us? Because “eating shouldn’t be hard!”

Your Food Story is a project by Sprout Natural Nutritional Consulting. Founded as a small local business in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Sprout provides natural nutritional education, with a mandate to respect individuals’ personal tastes, morals, and social values.

Sprout has always strived to motivate people to draw connections between physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We partner with the local community to encourage ethical consumption and consciousness. Your Food Story helps us tie all of this together.

As of April 2018, Your Food Story consists of two complementary parts — Your Canadian Food Story and the Your Food Story program, designed to help individuals discover and connect with the next step in their food journey.

The future of this project is in helping people to connect with one another over food… really connect! We want to help people — food storytellers — meet each other, from across Canada and the world. One of the first steps will be meeting folks at book signings, speaking engagements, and food story sharing groups, and we so look forward to it.

While the first book is hot off of the presses, we are already looking at the next steps. In the near future, we hope to add to or expand the platforms through which we offer the Your Food Story program, adding online modules. (Want to be notified when those are released? Join our mailing list!) We also have ideas and hopes for further Your Food Story books.

But first, we want to hear from our readers and followers about what they want to see from us next. Did you come to this section with a hope to see that special something? Let us know!

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