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I'm your #1 fan! How can I get my book signed?

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Is Your Canadian Food Story a cookbook?
While most contributors share a recipe, this book is not a cookbook per se.

We’ve avoided using the word ‘cookbook’ right from the start since we don’t want to imply a layout similar to hard cover books, with styled coloured photos. Since none of the recipes in Your Canadian Food Story have been kitchen-tested (by anyone except the contributor themselves), and since a few recipes have no exact measurements, we cannot call this book a ‘cookbook’ like most have come to expect one looks like.

The recipes are there as supplements to the stories, which are the real heart of the book! Get ready to be drawn in by the tales that our contributors have woven. 🙂

Your Canadian Food Story really resonated with me! I want to share my story or be part of your next book. How do I do that?
How about navigating right here on the website to the area called “Share a Story”, and let’s see what story you’d like to share? Once approved, let’s get it up for everyone to see and read.

While there are no promises for a “part 2” food story book just yet — we need to give attention to this baby first before we have another!– we’re always interested in learning about a person’s food story! Feel free to contact us directly if you’d rather not submit a story for this website, and I’ll make note of your interest!

Can I buy your book wholesale or with bulk shipping options?
We completely sympathize with how exorbitant shipping costs can be for some regions of Canada! Although we can’t make guarantees about availability, let’s discuss your particulars via email (see Contact). 
I'd like to carry your book at my business.
Thanks for your interest! Please email us to discuss where you’d like to distribute the book and the unique aspects of your market. 
I want to partner with you on an event or project.
We love working together with people on mutually beneficial projects or events! Our collaboration status is: (likely) currently available. What do you have in mind? Please contact us. 
Do you do speaking engagements or group coaching?
Loretta has years of previous experience with speaking, coaching, training, and one-on-one sessions. She’s often told that her eyes “light up” when speaking to a crowd! She finds it rewarding to be able to see people get excited about food and stories about them… when they light up, it lights her up even more.

Loretta is available for speaking opportunities across Canada. Worldwide? No limits for her (well, truthfully, maybe there are a few places she wouldn’t travel to!) Let’s connect by email so we that we can schedule a video chat to meet “face-to-face”. 

No luck? ask us!

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