Local nutrition entrepreneur presents Your Canadian Food Story (via Edmonton Journal)

New collection of recipes explore food connections coast-to-coast Sharing recipes and food stories is a time-honoured tradition. Now, one local entrepreneur and holistic nutrition consultant, Loretta Friedrich, has published a book of food stories she has collected...

In the News: Food stories from sea to shining sea (via Eat North)

What’s your story? Twyla Campbell of Eat North wrote an enchanting article covering Your Food Story and featuring an interview with author Loretta Friedrich. 

Your Food Story’s First 4 Minutes of Fame: GlobalTV Appearance!

Your Canadian Food Story and I went on our first grand media adventure together! Read on for an insider scoop about what it's like to prep to be interviewed, the behind-the-scenes of the studio, and a special guest appearance by a lamb and goat in diapers. Click here...

#1 Bestseller and Hot New Release!

I'm moved beyond words. Thanks to all of you, we are rising in (multiple) bestsellers lists! While working on this book, I knew it was truly unique among its peers. To see it rise to the #1 Bestseller ranking on within days of publishing is truly humbling....

YCFS Book Launch – April 29, 2018

Please join us in celebrating with Loretta Friedrich at the book release of Your Canadian Food Story: Nourishing Stories and Recipes from Across Canada! Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 29 from 1:30-4:00PM at Rossdale Community Hall. Your Canadian Food Story...


Got Pumpkin? I hope so!

I sincerely hope you still have a pumpkin kicking around, ready to use for this recipe. A sugar or pie pumpkin that is. Not to worry if you don't. Maybe it's not pumpkin season right now. So you can use canned pure (not pumpkin pie filling) pumpkin instead. I'm always...

Peaches and Blueberries Play Well Together!

Do you ever combine fruit, vegetables, herbs, or spices together so that they compliment each other well? I think about strawberries and rhubarb, apples and cranberries, apricots and ginger, or raspberries and basil just to name a few. All of those are terrific but I...

Family Gardening Recipe: Growing Love and Food!

Place a cute planter -- like this hollowed out one with a little door -- to hold some edibles. You just might be amazed at how easy it is to grow a garden with your family. Whether you want vegetables, flowers, or fresh herbs, gardening together can yield benefits...

Local Spring Food: Honey Lemon Rhubarb Muffins

While rhubarb can be available throughout the warmer months here in Canada, it’s the first pick that signals the official arrival of spring food in the garden. Nicely coinciding during this time are the abundance of lemons; the last lemon pickings of the season from...

Family-Friendly Brain Boosters: Good Mood Foods and More

There are various easy and fun ways to boost your mental health and the mental health of your family. These choices can help to regulate sleep patterns, ward off explosive outbursts, and protect against the low mood. Good Mood Foods There are many foods that help to...


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