Local nutrition entrepreneur presents Your Canadian Food Story (via Edmonton Journal)

New collection of recipes explore food connections coast-to-coast Sharing recipes and food stories is a time-honoured tradition. Now, one local entrepreneur and holistic nutrition consultant, Loretta Friedrich, has published a book of food stories she has collected...

In the News: Food stories from sea to shining sea (via Eat North)

What’s your story? Twyla Campbell of Eat North wrote an enchanting article covering Your Food Story and featuring an interview with author Loretta Friedrich. 

Your Food Story’s First 4 Minutes of Fame: GlobalTV Appearance!

Your Canadian Food Story and I went on our first grand media adventure together! Read on for an insider scoop about what it's like to prep to be interviewed, the behind-the-scenes of the studio, and a special guest appearance by a lamb and goat in diapers. Click here...

#1 Bestseller and Hot New Release!

I'm moved beyond words. Thanks to all of you, we are rising in (multiple) bestsellers lists! While working on this book, I knew it was truly unique among its peers. To see it rise to the #1 Bestseller ranking on within days of publishing is truly humbling....

YCFS Book Launch – April 29, 2018

Please join us in celebrating with Loretta Friedrich at the book release of Your Canadian Food Story: Nourishing Stories and Recipes from Across Canada! Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 29 from 1:30-4:00PM at Rossdale Community Hall. Your Canadian Food Story...


YFS Member: Cyndy Hancock from Edmonton, Alberta

Cyndy HancockEdmonton, Alberta 1. List some highlights of or reasons to visit the area where you currently live. Why would we want to go there? When is the best time to travel there, and why? We have a beautiful and clean city: there are parks everywhere, and the...

Remembering Dad: Please Pass the Potatoes

I’m not sure how young I was when I realized my Dad’s love for potatoes. It wasn’t just a mediocre love, no, more like a to-die-for passion for this tuber. You couldn’t eat enough of them. Potatoes were a necessity for life. And life with the potato we had. Our...

Rescuing Fruit: From the Tree to Baked Breakfast Goodness

In the summer of 2017, I had the pleasure of accompanying a group of fruit rescue folks from Fruits of Sherbrooke to a picking location just outside of St. Albert, Alberta. The backyard was huge for a city lot, containing an outstanding full orchard of Evans cherry...


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  • Fresh CHERRY BASIL smoothie! Nutritious. Easy. Affordable. Tasty. N.E.A.T. #freerecipe 👇
1 1/2 cups non dairy milk (I used cashew)
1/2 cup water
1 cup fresh local BC cherries (I picked myself from an orchard here in Vernon)
2 large sprigs of local garden basil
1/4 cup (heaping) @manitobaharvest hemp hearts
1 Tbsp local @planetbeehoneyfarm bee pollen
1 Tbsp ground @goldforestgrains golden flaxseed
Blend. Enjoy 4 cups of deliciousness!
#supportlocal #eatlocal #buylocal #localfood #canadianfood #canadiancook #homecook #foodie #foodgram #foodporn #healthy #healthyeats #smoothie #plantprotein #vegetarian #vegetariandiet #breakfast #breakfastfood #tastebc #cheers #goodmorning #goodday #urfoodstory
  • Supper last night! Local mixed greens and local mixed sprouts from @easthillfarmer, local blueberries from @davisonorchards, my own pickled (local) red onions, local feta cheese, pumpkin seeds, local green onions, local tomatoes, and imitation crab. The rest of the produce tagged local was from various vendors at @vernon_farmers_market. Dressing was sweet onion and peppercorn from @davisonorchards who makes it onsite. Seriously delicious taste!

What's #urfoodstory?
  • We had this scrumptious dessert last night that I made based on  @themealsmaven recipe from my #YCFSbook. Since I didn't have any Saskatoons I used delicious tart cherries instead that I picked from Peter's Orchards. The delicious blueberries were from @davisonorchards. I also used GF flour and some almond meal instead of regular flour and chopped walnuts. Did I say scrumptious?? Perfect treat fresh from the oven. 
#supportlocal #canadiancook #wholefoods #summer2019 #dessert #eatlocal #buylocal #tastebc #tastevernon #locallove #cherries #blueberries #fieldtotable #fieldtofork
What's #urfoodstory?

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