Does This Cookie Really Deliver?

I wouldn’t say I have a sweet tooth, but I do like a sweet treat now and then. I’ve tended to avoid desserts because of the gluten and the sugar rush; but as you can see in my recent blog posts, I’ve been motivated to keep creating wheat-free dessert recipes that...

How to be Nourished by Food (Part 1): Find a Special Place

Wouldn’t it be something to read an article that mentions home and work as two of the “top 10 places to eat?” It may seem easier to be nourished in beautiful scenery while eating food, but a top 10 restaurant or beach scene is not necessarily a more special place to...

Develop Your Food Story: Turn Dishes on their Heads!

I had all the ingredients to make my classic borscht soup and yet I was in a playful mood; I didn’t want to prepare my borscht dish exactly as I was used to. I decided to use the flavours but offer a differ spin on the meal. That’s how I created a deconstructed...

Merry Eating: Raw Fruitcake Balls

Wait! Don't close your computer thinking that ewww, fruitcake. Please keep reading and you just may be convinced that these balls are worth eating! I've taken a combination of nutritious ingredients and put them all together for an easy-to-transport energy snack,...

Fridge Clean Up: No Food Waste

With the festive season in full swing now there can be food stuffs available at parties, home and work that can be quite decadent. As a result, if you're like me, I crave the more savoury meal to balance out the sweet. And there's nothing like preparing a delicious...


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