I think that the private sessions are essential to the success of the program for me. You are very good at putting the bigger picture together from all of the things we cover individually. Like any good facilitator, you helped me see for myself how to move ahead and upwards on my journey. Great job Loretta! Thanks. ~ D.F.

When I heard Loretta speak so passionately about nutrition and how your attitude affects your eating I signed up my teenage daughter and myself for her Your Food Story program. Loretta offers a one of a kind program and she approaches dieting in a way I’ve never heard of before, she starts by getting to the root of the problem – your mindset. Being a meditation teacher I know how the mind works and how it causes your body to function – Loretta starts you in the right direction. She has you start working on yourself from deep inside, the source of your problem. She takes you from the ‘beat yourself up’ way of thinking to becoming a food connoisseur who enjoys every morsel you put in your mouth and because of understanding your thinking, your body processes your food in an efficient way. If you’ve struggled with yo-yo dieting, I highly recommend Loretta. You will be treated with respect and understanding, not only by her, but also by yourself which is why this works. Thank you Loretta for developing such a great program. ~ L.L.

Loretta provided a wonderful workshop called Your Food Story. I learned so much from this workshop such as: the meaning of NEAT; taking the time to eat, and choosing a place to eat besides at my desk; good food combining; unplugging for a quiet time with music without words every day; how I looked at / prepared food – having more fun with the preparation process; and, slowing down my eating so I can taste the flavors in each bite. So many more nutritional insights were learned during the group and private meetings. Loretta is truly an inspiration, and a pleasure to learn from her. ~ B.J-W.

I have been on several programs where I was told what to do, how to do it and when to do it!!! Those approaches [unlike YFS] didn’t help me help myself! The workbook(s) will be very useful in the future for me to review and revisit memories of the meetings. There was plenty of appropriate questions in the workbook(s) for me to think about and come to conclusions of what I need to do for me! I no longer beat myself up for having a treat … It is what I needed at the time and I can refocus very quickly after without the guilt. The knowledge one can obtain from Loretta is most valuable. Group meetings were in a very relaxed and open environment. Loretta, thank you for being a leader and guide to me during this program. I would recommend the program to others who are looking for a way to become more aware of the food they are eating and why. ~ C-L.H.

I achieved every one of the goals I set at the start of the program. Loretta has significantly improved my quality of life and relationship with food. [Your Food Story is] an absolutely worthwhile investment! ~ K.D.

Key features of the Your Food Story program for me were the personal connections with Loretta, and with others in the group, and the detailed workbook that guided my daily progress. The suggested activities and reflections allowed me to experience insights not previously considered. The singular focus each week gave rise to deeper understanding that culminated in an assimilation of learnings in the final week. The only aspect that could have been improved for me personally, would have been to extend the timeline of the course as the busy-ness of life did not always allow for deeper sharing. The private FB group was a wonderful asset to encourage sharing and to guide activities or offer additional information. Thank you, Loretta, for an impactful journey and sparking a lifetime of further explorations. ~ B.H.

This program helped me to really dive into some of my trouble spots. I felt you really understood my issues and gave helpful support. The meetings were engaging – I felt understood. [It] was easy to express myself which isn’t always the case. Thank you for the time you spent giving thoughtful direction. I am feeling like I am much more mindful and on track. ~ D.G.


I first met Loretta at the Women’s Wellness Expo at the River Cree Resort in Edmonton spring of 2014.  I have several auto-immune issues that involve both the gastrointestinal tract & the urinary system.  Just 2 years before I had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease as well as an allergy to Histamine in food.  After struggling for those 2 years trying to figure out what would be the best things to eat & feed my body I was getting very frustrated!  I had always been a very careful “eater” as I have had Crohn’s Disease for over 20 years, but this new addition had me so confused!  I love to research & was having a great deal of difficulty finding information on Histamine Allergies & knew I need the support of a professional.  Little did I know what a challenge it would be to find someone who could help me! I approached several different people at the Expo & had also called a few dieticians, etc. before then and as soon as I mentioned the work Histamine I would get a blank look or a “I don’t think I can help you!”  Yikes! Loretta was the very first person in several months of searching that said “ I don’t know much [about it], but I would love to help you on your journey!”  She had such an encouraging & powerful energy that I knew right away she was the person I had been searching for!  Loretta was able to help me to decipher a lot of the information I already had & also found a lot more information as the year progressed!  She encouraged me to try new things, not just for nutrition sake, but exercise & life healing events as well. Loretta was literally a “life saver” for my pantry & refrigerator & in so many other ways that I don’t even know if I am aware of them all yet! I am so truly grateful that Loretta came into my life & I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants or needs to make a positive change in their life! With my most heartfelt Thanks ~ C.P.

I really appreciate the work that you do. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you are creating – following your teaching, I now am using the NEAT principles automatically, start each day with lemon water (and sometimes heat it up), have tried about 6 variations of stuffed dates, and keep striving toward enjoying lettuce (that’s a work in progress), LOL. Keep leading – you’re doing important work. Pam Robertson, Ph.D. LadyBirdFiles.com

I am very pleased with my experience on the Sprout Clean program that I recently completed. I found it easy to follow and with the least amount of discomfort. The way the program eases you in and out of the cleanse is great and the tools like the food diary and the delicious recipes certainly set you up for success. Little tips such as dry brushing, tongue scraping and deep breathing only enhance the process of eliminating toxins. I have also incorporated the use of kambucha and lemon water into my daily routine. Results of Sprout clean have been increased energy, better sleep and a loss of 8 pounds. With that in mind I have decided to carry on with the clean eating methods I gleaned from the program.   L. M.

Loretta presented at our Spring 2014 Fabulous@50 event. Loretta has an amazing gift of connecting with her audience and sharing from a place of authentic caring. Her nutritional information is solid and is delivered in a way the audience can take it in without being overwhelmed. She is always welcome at my events as I know that she truly cares about the people she is presenting to.  Dianna Bowes Fabulous@50.com

Thank you Loretta for your dynamic keynote presentation “Cool It! Foods that Fan the Flashes.” Your insight was well received by our guests and contributed to the success of our launch of the Edmonton Anti-aging, Beauty & Wellness Expo [April 19/20, 2014]  Illiki Rai ~ Event Coordinator

Loretta presented an interesting, engaging and knowledgeable session on how to add nutrients to your diet.  She did an excellent job explaining some of the products and “super foods” we hear so much about and how to use them in our diets.  Sophie Nakoneczy ~ Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

I met Loretta while she was speaking at a luncheon. She talked about what you could keep in the pantry to help entertain on a moment’s notice. She brought eating to life…. as a passionate foodie I was excited to learn that I already have many ingredients in my pantry. She talked about simple ways that good food can bring everyone together. Good food that you can buy at your everyday supermarket/ bakery. It reignited my passion to cook and of course… EAT!!! Cheers!  Sue Faraschuk, Travel Agent ~ Discover with Sue – Fareconnect

Loretta knows her stuff – her assessment is amazing and really helped me to believe that it could be easy to look after myself in better ways. I love how she focused and customized a plan just for me and gave me practical tips that were easy to implement in my lifestyle. She truly is very knowledgeable and just wants the best for you.  Kelly Falardeau, speaker, bestselling author

I met Loretta at a Womanition Luncheon and she was the presenter that day. In her presentation she shared a few ideas of items to have in our pantry in case guests stop by. She went into detail of the products and their benefits. Loretta is very knowledgeable and has a passion for what she does. I started eating celery as I never realized what a great food that is till she pointed it out. Ask her any questions about nutrition, she will not only tell you the value, she will explain how important process is too – she knows her stuff.  Lil Lezarre, Owner ~ Tender Loving Cups

Loretta demystified the benefits of so many food products I have been hearing about when she provided such clear examples so relevant to our lifestyle. The fact she also offered recipes and ways to use them in our everyday meals meant I could go home and instantly put them in my meals. It was a wonderfully engaging and information session. Thanks, Loretta.  Krista Rivet ~ Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

I first met Loretta when she was a computer software instructor. Those public speaking skills and teaching from a learner’s perspective have certainly transferred well into her career today – educating and coaching people on a healthier lifestyle. I recently attended an event in which Loretta was a main speaker; she was engaging and informative. She knows her stuff! Kathy Rondeau, Managing Director ~ Zephyr Ventures Inc.